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Cyberark's PAM Solution Delivers Significant Return on Investment (ROI). Benefit from Operational Advantages and Cost Savings.

Privileged Access Management (PAM), is an integral element of cybersecurity that involves overseeing and safeguarding privileged accounts and access. Organizations across industries are turning increasingly towards PAM solutions like Cyberark as they seek protection against an increasing threat landscape that includes cyber attacks and data breaches. In this article we'll investigate ways through which organizations can maximize the return on investment (ROI) with Cyberark by realizing operational benefits while cutting down costs.

Organizations may suffer considerable financial and reputational harm as the result of data breaches and cyber attacks, according to IBM and Ponemon Institute's 2021 Cost of Data Exposure Report. Cyberark's PAM solution offers one effective means of mitigating risk from data breaches or cyber attacks while simultaneously mitigating costs associated with incident response, remediation costs as well as damages to reputation or consumer trust issues.

Improve Productivity and Efficiency in Operations

Cyberark's PAM solution enables organizations to maximize operational productivity by automating and streamlining privileged access management duties, thus streamlining password vaulting and rotation responsibilities automatically, saving both time and effort when performing this manual task manually. Furthermore, its workflows for access request approval help streamline this process, expediting access grants/revokes thus speeding up productivity while decreasing delays for approvals/revokes thus improving overall operational efficiencies and productivity.

Implement Regulatory and Compliance Requirements

Many compliance and regulatory requirements govern the administration and security of privileged accounts and access, mandating their administration and monitoring by various organizations. By offering an integrated method for centralized management and monitoring privileged access, Cyberark's PAM solution assists organizations with meeting these regulations - helping maintain consumer trust while also helping avoid fines for noncompliance.

Manual Account and Access Management Can Be Expensive

Manual account and access management is time consuming and expensive for organizations. By automating and streamlining this task with Cyberark's PAM solution, organizations may find relief from reduced Privileged Account Management expenses. Cyberark can aid organizations by automating password vaulting and rotation capabilities to optimize time-and-effort spent manually managing passwords for privileged accounts, thus saving both time and energy on performing this process. Furthermore, its workflows for access request approval can expedite this process as well, increasing productivity while decreasing delays between granting/revokeing of privilege access requests and approval decisions.

Utilize Analytics and Reporting to Facilitate More Efficient Decision-Making

Cyberark's PAM solution features advanced analytics and reporting features that enable organizations to make more informed decisions regarding privileged access management. In particular, Cyberark's analytics dashboard gives them real-time visibility into privileged access activities, helping identify security threats quickly and implement measures against them effectively. Meanwhile, its reporting capabilities offer comprehensive insights into their privileged access activities for improving strategy development as well as policy creation for PAM programs.

Collaboration With Additional Security Tools and Systems

Cyberark's PAM solution can easily integrate with additional security tools and systems to give organizations a comprehensive cybersecurity approach. For instance, its use with SIEM systems - to assist organizations in correlating privileged access activities with other security events and alerts. Or with Identity Access Management (IAM) systems to assist with managing and protecting privileged access across an IT environment - is highly advantageous.

Take Advantage of Cyberark's Expertise and Support

Cyberark is an established provider of privileged access management (PAM) solutions with an established history of aiding organizations protect privileged accounts and access. Organizations can maximize the return on their investment with Cyberark's PAM solution by using Cyberark's expertise in implementation, configuration and administration as well as their dedicated support team who are there for any issues or difficulties during implementation and administration of their PAM system.